Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nails in the tires

The good old days, when Dan Bongino had government health insurance, instead of being forced by the president to buy private health insurance that was somehow not, or something. From Muscle & Fitness. I'm not kidding!
Is Maryland Republican and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino dumb?

1. Well, he's running for the House of Representatives from a website entitled

Daniel Bongino for U.S. Senate

I guess he's just being thrifty. Had a perfectly good website when he was running for Senate last year, why throw it away?

2. His campaign slogan is "Making Maryland Home Again". [jump]

3. He also has one of those truly remarkable prose styles:
The inequity of ‪#‎Obamacare‬ is rarely addressed due to the fact that the economics of it are so self-destructive that it could fill its own book. Despite this, please allow me to make the case with a few short points. 
Of course one would never wish to address something that could fill its own book.

Have you ever noticed that philosophical liberalism can never answer the big questions? None of the big questions are ever answered because when they are honestly answered, the results are devastating. 
Indeed, they might fill their own books too. A book here, a book there, and pretty soon you're talking about whole goddamn libraries. How do we keep our country safe? One thing is, at least if we're Republicans in Maryland's 6th Congressional District, we could vote for him in the primary, and not for those swinish Republicans who oppose him.

4. I'm not sure who those Republicans are, but they apparently really hate him. They sent out a fake press release accusing him of running for governor, with Alan Keyes as his running mate. Obviously that's ridiculous, why would he have a website called Dan Bongino for Senate if he was running for governor? (Keyes seems to be happily grifting, hawking an anti-abortion real estate broker (!) and plotting the impeachment of the president for using the Internal Revenue Service exactly the way Cesare Borgia used the condottiere Ramiro de Lorca.)

5. Also (via Der Rote Staat), that's not all they did:
To the cowards who sent a false press release to some members of the media this morning and interrupted my precious time with my daughter during parent’s day at school. And to the cowards who put nails in my wife’s tires while she was pregnant with my daughter Amelia. And to the cowards who put nails in the tires of my campaign staff at the GOP convention. And to the cowards who have thrown things at my home late at night waking my now one year old daughter. And to the cowards who have put eggs in our mailbox. And to the cowards who have left vitriolic messages on my home’s answering machine and sent hate mail to my home:

You have only strengthened my resolve to fight here & fight now. We will never be intimidated, we will never walk away, we will never be silenced, & we will never stop fighting against the power-brokers of both political parties who believe that a political title is the hallmark of dignity. It is not, dignity & honor are earned by standing for what is right & just, not what is easy & popular.
With Republicans like that, who needs Libertarians?

6. Best of all, though:

What a sweet reply! He made me feel a little guilty, because I hadn't checked it out at all. But now I have.

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