Friday, August 16, 2013

Steyn for candidate!

Image apparently used by Hugh Hewitt, entitled "Mark Steyn after Dismissal". 
Mark, Marquess of Steyn, purveyor of the high Brideshead tone to the National Review, is the victim of an apparent punk campaign to draft him into running for the United States Senate from New Hampshire. There's a petition that has already gathered 208 signatures!

Although I think the Constitution suggests senators should not be Canadian citizens.
MS I'm a citizen of Canada, never been anything else. I don't believe in dual citizenship.
LF So if you ever require rescuing by the Canadian government, you'll deserve it?
MS I can assure you that if I'm ever calling the Canadian consulate in some godforsaken hell demanding that HMCS Toronto come and get me, it won't be because I've called five other embassies in the previous 20 minutes.
[The source of this interview, National Post, doesn't put dates on its stories, on the grounds, I suppose, that to their readers it's always news, but nothing online suggests he's changed his mind.]
Don't tell Kathryn Jean!
When he used to write for McLean's,  and made some efforts in the direction of the selfie T-shirt business. Via Creekside.

A recent example of the famously sophisticated Steyn wit, on the subject of the president's extravagant vacation:
If the President and Bo decide to take a dip, I do hope they’ve beefed up aquatic security by a few hundred extra Secret Submariners in case the waters off Masachusetts are menaced by the same testicle-eating fish currently terrorizing Sweden.
I hope his lordship is well protected too, since the creatures are just as likely to turn up in his New Hampshire bathtub.

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