Monday, August 5, 2013


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Got involved in another stupid debate, this time at a dreadful site called Weasel Zipper where they were celebrating the news that the Virginia murder rate has gone down in spite of relaxed gun laws. I pointed out that murders committed in Virginia alone don't account for all the harm done by Virginia-sold weapons, citing statistics from Wall Street Journal on the contribution of out-of-state guns to New York crime.

Well, says my interlocutor,
Of course a good deal of the problem in New York is the difficulty that normal people have in obtaining firearms, keeping them, and using them without running afoul of various laws intended to prevent their legitimate use. Here in Arizona you can walk in to WalMart and get one, you don't need a "permit," and you don't need a concealed carry permit. If someone breaks into your house and you splatter their across the wall, your biggest problem will be getting the bloodstains out. Gun violence in which a citizen is murdered or wounded by a perp is, understandably, all but unheard of. Even perp on perp, gun violence is low.
Ah, yes, another clown who thinks the Bronx is still burning down. Not quite, pal. Even in spite of our horrid Big-Government gun control, things are pretty good in the Big Apple. As I noted,
Did you know gun death rate in NYC at 4.3 per 100,000 is one of the lowest in US? Arizona is almost 16 per 100,000, one of the worst.
Game, set, and match, I think. 

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