Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Down, Wisconsin!

Best I could do. All the pictures of black leather briefs were short ones, and mostly on male models. Via Magnificent Bastard.
Is this by Howard Kurtz (via Media Matters) the worst-written sentence you have ever seen?
Her new profile picture, in a Swiss-cheese bra that leaves little to the imagination and long black leather sleeves and briefs, is so revealing that it drew a torrent of breathless comments.
Something about those hyperventilating comment torrents has an almost Lovecraftian doomed majesty. Kurtz leaves a lot to the imagination. Now how do I turn it off?

Beautiful, by the way, from Erik Wemple:
Kurtz himself refrains from alleging that the pictures go too far. He merely asks if they go too far, which means he thinks they go too far, but by asking the question, he gets to claim that hallowed middle ground he’s spent his entire career clinging to.
Reminds me, if I may say so, of me on Kurtz & Milbank. 


  1. Kurtz is the same louse he always was, even before the WaPo hired him from the Washington Star (along with Fred Hiatt, another horrible person).

    But I won't shed any tears for Sally Quinn, either.

  2. hahaha. That Hiatt rant was one of the great ones. Quinn is just a ghoul, isn't she? Hope they all eat each other.