Thursday, August 22, 2013

White House Fool Report: National conversation

Fuck yeah, Mr. P! Matty's right. The man's been dead since Wednesday night, and you still haven't said a word! Why, when Trayvon Martin got himself killed you were out there with your national conversating inside of 18 months! What's wrong with you? You don't care when elderly people get killed? Or is it just elderly white people?

What I suggest is that you need to get out in front on this one, pronto, before it does you any more damage with the all-important Drudge community.  I won't tell you how to begin and end your speech, but somewhere it needs to contain some verbage like the following:
You know, folks, if I had a grandfather he might look a lot like Delbert Belton. In fact, back when I used to have grandfathers, one of them looked a lot like Delbert Belton; he was a white World War II vet, too, and came from the American heartland, but because we believed in our old people in those days, he was able to move to Hawaii and die of natural causes. Which is as it should be.
Too many people nowadays look at a man like Delbert Belton and say, uh-oh, there he goes with his World War II stories. Maybe I should cross to the other side of the street, or roll up the car window, or maybe just whip out my gun and shoot him.
But Delbert wasn't threatening to bore anybody. Delbert wasn't lurking in the dark wearing a hoodie or talking on a cell phone. He was just quietly collecting his Social Security which Al and Erskine have decided you young folks can't have because people insist on living on it instead of investing it in stocks. And is that why he died? 
Ladies and gentlemen, the thugs who killed him didn't even have a gun! And one of them was a non-Hispanic white guy! But that doesn't mean what they did was right.
So, as I say, we need to have a national conversation about this. We need to ask ourselves if we've valued black teenagers too much and given too little attention to our older white citizens, the ones who vote in every single election and buy the products advertised on CNN, thus keeping our nation going. Do it for Delbert, people. God bless.
It'll take courage, given the power of the special interests, the cronies, the anti–old white person lobby in our country. But you need to do the right thing.
Don't bring pain, bring pizza! Ossie Davis and Spike Lee, 1989.

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