Friday, August 23, 2013

Cheap shots and medical advice

He's just asking on behalf of a friend:
Depends on what kind of drunk. If she's passed out, you should see a doctor. No, for yourself. Also, how does she feel about you when she's sober? If she thinks you're a faux-feminist rodeo clown, you might be Dr. Phil. [jump]

From a school nurse's office in Rockland County (thanks, Kenny):
"Please also send in medical notes when students need to be exempted from physical activities such as sprains and fractures."
Please excuse my daughter from hand injuries on Wednesdays, as she has a piano lesson after school.

Irresistible headline:
The Worst Thing In That Maureen Dowd Column Isn’t Actually Her Misquote Of Bill DeBlasio’s Wife
It's true, too. The worst thing about the column is that it's typical, reducing politics to the contents of a Dr. Phil show, except much less feminist. Alyssa Rosenberg's critique, on the other hand (link above), is one of the funniest things ever to appear in ThinkProgress. Well, all three of them.
Not that the misquotations aren't important too. Read this by Dan Amira at New York Magazine.
Dwyving? Driving while yntoxicated? It's a way of life
In a January interview with the Capital Gazette, the Anne Arundel County lawmaker [Don Dwyer] attributed his August 2012 drunken boating to the dissolution of his own marriage and to feeling "betrayed" by colleagues' support of Maryland's gay marriage legislation. The [August 19 car] crash injured seven, including a 5-year-old girl whose skull was fractured. (Huffpost)
Jeez--not only is same-sex marriage going to destroy traditional marriage, it's even causing car crashes. Who could have predicted?
Le Bateau Ivre comic by Julian Peters (text by Arthur Rimbaud)
With friends like this, who needs a Hungarian? 
According to Tulsa World, at a convention in Muskogee, Okla., Coburn said Wednesday that the president was “getting perilously close” to the Constitutional standard for impeachment. He also called the Obama administration lawless and incompetent, the news site reported, although he acknowledged the president as a “personal friend.” (Politico)
And Rush Limbaugh:
“The 24- and 25-year-old female millennials are scared out of their panties by me. And hopefully some male millennials are close by to take advantage of that when that happens.” (GottaLaff)
Dear Dr. Phil: Is it OK to have sex with a woman after Rush frightens her out of her panties? 

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