Thursday, February 13, 2014

Credit where payments are due

Next time Mr. Bowles or Mr. Simpson or whoever else is humping that extremely dead horse is lecturing you about how the federal government has to learn to live within its means just like your family sitting around the dinner table deciding who gets to go to college and who has to stay home because obviously if there's only one pair of shoes in the house we can't all go out, can we?—next time, I say, instead of patiently explaining what a crappy analogy that is, why don't you just tell them that that's not how your family lives:

More than 70 percent of Americans have a credit card, and very few of us buy a house or a car without borrowing some money. Credit is so central to our lives that job applicants can expect to have theirs checked as a proxy for responsibility and trustworthiness. Life without credit is not only expensive; it’s also potentially ruinous.
Just saying.

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