Wednesday, February 19, 2014

National Review Fail of the Day

National Review's "media blogger" Andrew Johnson, apparently unhinged by the increasing number of nice people running late-night talk shows but unwilling to turn his stupid television off as a normal person might do, was desperately watching someone called Jimmy Kimmel:
In perhaps the biggest sign of Obamacare’s lack of popularity, in the lead-in to the video, Kimmel asked his audience who had already enrolled in Obamacare, and no one raised his hand.
“Really?” a bewildered Kimmel said. “They claim that more than 3 million people have now signed up on’s website.”
Yes, a good one percent of the US population, and not one of them was in Jimmy's audience?! How could this be?

Well, one percent of the US population consists of people with an average net worth of $8.4 million, and how many of them were in the audience?

I wrote:

For heaven's sake, the studio audience is made up of people with nine-to-five jobs with benefits. They don't qualify because they're already insured. If they got confused and tried to sign up they wouldn't be allowed.
    Obvs, that's leaving out the retired folks, but they're on Medicare. Just shut up, OK?

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