Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Literary Corner: Rodolfo

CNN screenshot, July 2016, via Splinter.

From Politico, Rodolfo's free dimeter response to the Flynn sentencing memo:

Justifying Monkey
by Rudolph Giuliani
Wow big crime for a
maybe a group of
Angry Bitter
Hillary Supporters
who are justifying
themselves by the goal
justifies the means....
Over the top
In ethical behavior.
All the capital letters as in the original, line breaks my own. "In ethical" may be an error for "inethical" or a palimpsest on it.

I hear it as signifying, or slam poetry, wrapping each line around two stresses and spat defiantly into a mic. Like Steve Doocy (see below), he's hogtied between the fact that he doesn't know what the memo says, since 90% of it is redacted, and the fact that he can't acknowledge that there's anything he doesn't know. Doocy's so deeply stupid he just sails, serenely, over himself; Giuliani, too, escapes the tether of meaning, but all the tension remains in his furious howl.

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