Friday, February 21, 2014

Cheap shots, homophones, and psittacidae

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Curse you, Autocorrect!

And John McCain, Ted Nugent, National Review Fail of the Day and much much more—well, a bit more—below the fold:

And get off my viable lawn:
“None of us want boots on the ground, but to not revisit other options, which are viable … it’s shameful,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “There are viable options, there is a viable Free Syrian Army … there is still viable opposition that we can help and assist.”
We know they are viable because of their viability. Also because of the skill with which they have kept their existence secret.
Fischer's Lovebirds.

Newsmax, via Dr. Turk:
Many in Abbott's conservative base agree with Nugent's pro-gun views, as does Abbott. But Nugent's description of Obama as a "communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel" in a January interview amounts to racism, critics say.
Must have been those literary critics, huh? "To some readers, Mr. Nugent's energetic but careless diction may have laid him open to charges of being a disgusting fucking racist, charges to which his response may seem perhaps somewhat less than fully felt."

Another person alleging that unions wrecked Detroit: Only of course they weren't actually, uh, there.

But what about my freedom from association? 

Ryan Anderson for National Review explains why gay rights are actually the exact opposite of civil rights for black people:
Jim Crow and segregation did the exact opposite. Those wicked regimes legally coerced people to keep them separated, to prevent them from associating or contracting. Yet today, we see liberals of various stripes saying the law should coerce people into associating and contracting.

But freedom of association and freedom of contract are two-way streets. They entail the freedom to choose whom to associate with and when and on what terms; whom to contract with and for what goods. Governmental mandates that force association or prevent association violate these freedoms.
I mean, if the Civil Rights Act had forced schoolchildren or lunch counter customers to share the intimacy of being in the same room with persons of a different racial lifestyle, or sell them wedding cakes... Also,
being a wedding photographer is not simply being “a vendor,” but utilizing God-given talents to tell the story of a particular couple and their relationship.
It's like a higher calling. You wouldn't ask Flannery O'Connor to write a story about people she didn't approve of, would you? That's why wedding photographers and the bakers of wedding cakes don't sell their things to the couple but instead show them in Williamsburg galleries.
Bella Event Design & Planning, Colorado.
And then there's Nickballs, who thought the slimy Democrats must have passed that 1986 amnesty for illegal immigrants behind Saint Ronald's back because it could like never have happened if he'd realized what they were up to:

More Fischer's Lovebirds.

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