Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Megyn things up

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Megyn Kelly on the Foxophobia displayed (in her opinion, anyway) by Obama during the Superb Owl interview:
“I do think it’s interesting that the president seems so focused on us,” Kelly told Carville. “I never heard President [George W.] Bush do this about MSNBC. He was taking his licks like a man.”
Actually President Bush was not taking any licks at all, for the simple reason that he wasn't there. Kelly is misrememberizing, or, as I like to put it, making shit up. The MSNBC she is talking about didn't exist until Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow joined the station toward the end of 2008 and of Bush's last term, when he was the lamest of ducks and nobody wanted to interview him anyway.

And the story of Bush's manly lick-taking will come as a big surprise to Maddow herself, who was complaining round about 2010 that she could not get him to appear on her show:
It may not come as a shock that, despite repeated efforts, Rachel Maddow has not been able to secure an interview with former president George W. Bush. Now, Maddow is trying to win an interview with Bush by entering a contest that he is running on Facebook in support of his upcoming memoir, "Decision Points."
She did not win. Bush was taking his licks like a rabbit, and still is. The brave one is Megyn Kelly—or is the word I'm looking for "brazen"?

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