Thursday, February 6, 2014

On a wing and a prayer breakfast

Former National Review Online editor acknowledges presidential truthfulness!
The President Told Us He Was Audacious
And he was not lying.
Namely, at the National Prayer Breakfast President Obama spoke out boldly and totally unexpectedly in favor of the rights of religious freedom as enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution!

Like he's not doing everything he can to force innocent nuns to let their holy money get dirty as it wanders into the pockets of their slutty employees, or not directly, because they can't actually stop them from spending that money on animal sacrifices and wooden dildos for their Satanic sabbaths if they want, but into the slutty employees' insurance policies, which would enable them to install one of those tiny abortion machines to guillotine tiny babies all day long up in their uteruses, at a much lower price than they would have to pay if their insurance didn't cover it. It's the nuns' money, and if religious freedom means anything at all it means those whores should pay top dollar for their filthy IUDs or else get a job in an atheist-run nursing home. It's what James Madison was all about.

Or maybe, you know, not. Maybe it isn't the nuns' money after all, in the first place. Maybe it's not a charitable gift to the women on the payroll but earned, equally whether it's in their paychecks or their benefits package, to be spent as they like and as their own religious beliefs permit, because they might have some, in fact, even though they may be fearfully uneducated and low-class in comparison to somebody like Kathryn Jean Lopez, whose compassion is so refined and special that it can only be applied to bishops and fetuses.
Via Shadow Mountain Baptist Church, Morgan Hill, CA.

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