Monday, February 17, 2014

Out of the frying pan

Updated 2/18!

It's a totally National Review day! I've just spent hours of my afternoon at NRO arguing against the false assertion by Peter Kirsanow that the president's order to impose a $10.10/hr minimum wage on federal workers is unconstitutional. I must have left about fifteen or more comments all told and maintained at all times a decorous and respectful tone—well, respectful by my standards. Then I saw the reference to President Obama as a "chocolate hitler" (see screenshot) and did something I've never done before: flagged it as "inappropriate". (That's my downvote in red.)

So guess what happened?
They deleted all my comments and left the "chocolate hitler" intact!

I'm not saying they didn't have a right to delete my comments. It would have been nice to give me some advance notice—I gave it as I say quite a bit of time and produced some exceptionally clear sentences, and had a pleasant indirect interaction with the genial Steve M, who also showed up, and I would have liked to be able to keep a copy of some of it, but that's life, and most of the ground is covered in my post last week on the lies of Charles Krauthammer. But the value system in which those really earnest efforts are unacceptable and shit like the above is fine! What would old Mr. Buckley think? (Don't answer that.)
I guess he'd say, "Grease me up, Jonah!" Image via Wikipedia.

Turns out they also deleted my comment pointing out a serious factual error in Wesley Smith's stupid Texas abortion story, leaving the rather enthusiastic response
Sterilize all NOW and NARL members! Deport all liberal, Democratic trash to Siberia. These people are not real Americans!
even odder-looking, in complete isolation, than it was before. Way to go, NRO! Keep those priorities straight!

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