Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another first: Flamed!

Government boobs? Yay! From Europe: An interdisciplinary approach, an educational website created by students at the Universiteit Utrecht

In a giant step forward for the Rectification of Names, I have just received my first angry wingnut comment, from someone offended by my rudeness back in December on the subject of Dr. Ron Paul:
A, rather, mediocre smear attempt at honorable Dr.Paul. I guess, you would prefer to live in a police state, as long as you can suck on a big government tit.
As you can see by that flurry of commas, like a sudden flight of grouse (he also signs himself "Daniel.", with a period), [jump]
as well as the time of writing (2:24 AM), this is a man in the grip of strong emotions.

I'm very sorry that Daniel. feels I wanted to smear honorable Dr. My intention, far from that, was to mock him for the terror he feels in regard to anyone who is different from himself, whether gay people or foreigners.

I am actually in agreement with honorable Dr. in being opposed to a police state (although it is my feeling that he is only opposed to a federal police state, with his ideas on abortion and on the Constitution inclining him to accept some police-state features as long as they are at the state level). I am also in favor of the legalization of psychoactive drugs (except I think they should be regulated by government and above all generously taxed, where Dr. might differ). And I absolutely agree that foreign military adventures should be minimized (but then I think there should be lots of foreign engagement of other kinds, whereas Dr. is an isolationist Pecksniff).

I am not totally sure what Daniel. means by sucking on a big government tit. If anybody is sucking on something, it would be honorable Dr.Paul* running around pretending to run for president while nobody is doing the work for his Texas constituents that he is very well paid (government health care and all) to do, as a member of Congress--maybe he thinks he's doing his part to make government smaller. As I have said before, I am opposed to fat government, but not necessarily big government. I and my wife, our parents, and our children have never gone to a school other than a public one, and my elderly mother depends on Social Security and Medicare, as I will too not too long from now, and I am very glad that the Affordable Care Act regulates my (pretty good) private insurance.

If Daniel. wishes to reject all these good things, he is "entitled" to do so, but he must be pretty wealthy in that case; while most of us don't have the luxury of choosing. If he accepts them but grudges other people their SSI and food stamps and farm price supports and unemployment insurance (it's insurance! we pay for it!), then he's just a hypocrite and I won't waste any more time on him--or on honorable Dr. either, unless I come up with something else I think is funny.

*So are they all, all honorable men.

The late and extremely honorable Les Paul

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