Tuesday, May 21, 2019

For the Record: My Conversation With Rob Goldstone

Update 5/24/19: Correction—It wasn't in fact Rob I was talking to, I am informed via Twitter by Oui2Entertainment, but the company's co-founder David Wilson; I'm confident at the same time that it doesn't contradict anything Rob would wish to say.

I had no idea I was talking to Rob Goldstone, who used to be the music publicist for the Russian pop singer Emin Agalarov and served as the email intermediary between Emin's father Aras Agalarov and Donald Trump, Jr., arranging the famous Trump Tower meeting of 9 June 2016, until after it was over, and I looked for the first time at the book page screenshots he sent, and it turned out that they were all from Pop Stars, Pageants & Presidents: How an Email Trumped My Life by Rob Goldstone, 2018, from a publisher called Oui2Entertainment.

Wrote but failed to send the following text from my phone at this point: "Then again, Mueller did complain that many witnesses lied, concealed evidence, and refused to cooperate (like Donald and Junior, who declined to be interviewed), so who knows?"

Glitch there: the Mueller quote should have gone with the previous tweet, and the AP quote should have been this, which you've seen before.

Now I don't know if I should thank him for his time—he was really very generous—or just let it go. Update: In the end I did though. In subsequent tweets he mentioned that "Goldstone is not connected to Trumps or the Agalarovs anymore" and then
I can say I'm pretty much entirely sincere on that. I'm glad he's detached himself from these monsters and gone back to his real life, which I imagine (I don't know anything about his clients other than Emin, now a former client) as being a kind of 21st-century Broadway Danny Rose. He has no idea what the Agalarovs and Trumps were using him for and I don't suppose he ever will, but he doesn't deserve opprobrium for that.

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