Friday, May 3, 2019

At Long Last

To the tune of:

This is a marvelous recording of a Cole Porter song I didn't admire that much before hearing this interpretation, spiriting ordinary cabaret into jazz heaven.

My lyric is inspired by that great line in today's telephone story, as in the NBC version:
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Friday and both agreed "there was no collusion" between Moscow and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.
as if it was a kind of mystery to the two men whether they had colluded together or not, but they checked their calendars and neither one of them could find any.

Is this a tour de force
or only a tour
is it like grabbing pussy
or more like garroting the poor
Is it a Marx Brothers script
or just Bud and Lou
is it an inaccurate refrain
or merely untrue
Is it some juicy gossip
or is it the math
Is this a golden shower
or am I taking a bath
is it petty financial fraud
laced with confusion
or is it at long last

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