Monday, May 6, 2019

For the Record: The Rice and Fall

John Podesta's creamy risotto as reconstructed by Julian Assange and Food & Wine. No, Assange had nothing to do with the culinary part. To paraphrase Count Dracula, "I never cook... food." Photos by Tara Fisher and David Becker/Getty Images.

Sour, sour day. I see Podesta doesn't know the difference between "its" and "it's", but I can assure you he's right about the risotto. I find it's also necessary to add grated cheese, even if it means contradicting the laws of Italian cooking by combining cheese with mushrooms or seafood, to endow the creaminess with body.

Thing I learned, in a horrible Twitter exchange on the question of whether Facebook was violating the First Amendment in banning Alex Jones, is that to wingnuts, "white nationalist" simply means "nationalist (i.e. patriotic American) who is white":

They got super mad at me for telling them the truth!

Golly Moses!

If you need to know, the reason Facebook and Twitter bans don't violate the First Amendment is that they aren't Congress; they are public accommodations, and they can write laws abridging the freedom of such press as depends on them any time they want, as long as they do it in such as way as not to discriminate against protected categories, or pretty much against anybody who doesn't endanger the business or the civic peace:

It's like, as I've said before, the universally acknowledged right of the bartender to throw out an obnoxious drunk. Of course the most obnoxious drunk is the one who's going to whine about his freedom of speech.

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