Thursday, May 16, 2019

For the Record: Clown Car

Image by Daria Nabok/Coub.

What was all that running around Iowa and the like and superpac-ing and so on? I guess I thought he was just quixotically running for vice president in the Tom Perez lane (I liked Keith Ellison, Hillary of course ended up with the "electable" Tim Kaine, in another illustration of the principle that "electable" for Democrats means somebody whose name you won't remember two years later, because interesting candidates are like broccoli, some people are going to have an insuperable, possibly genetically determined aversion to them; "electable" for Democrats means the candidate nobody has a reason to vote against, on the theory that that's what voters are really looking for—"I love that guy, he's so inoffensive").

That's that Trump habit of never saying anything with empirical content but always an evalulation on categories from the Osgood semantic differential and the parameters of goodness, strength, and activity. Trump doesn't know that you have to explain what evidence makes you think you have to condemn somebody as bad or weak or passive, you just have to say it, "strongly" like Putin or Mohammad bin Salman.

But I really don't know.

But nice for what? I mean nice for Montana, where they're getting $8.50 an hour now, and more next year and more than next year and so on, and it's certainly better than if they had a Republican governor, and I guess that means somebody thinks all the white male Republicans in Ohio and Pennsylvania will want to vote for him, but really? Will they?

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