Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Normalizing, continued

Maurice Sendak, The Night Kitchen, via The Merely Real.
Another thing we learn from today's Times, article by Julie Hirschfield Davis, is that the chaos of the presidential transition is normal:

Trump’s Transition in a ‘Long History’ of Rocky Presidential Handovers

This always happens, for goodness sake!
“There is a long history of unfortunate transition activity,” said Max Stier, the president and chief executive of the Center for Presidential Transition, a project run by the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service.
And then the well, maybe a little different in the next paragraph (paragraph 9 of the story):
Still, he added, the Trump transition is different in that it appears to lack guidance from seasoned government professionals who grasp the magnitude of the bureaucracy he is about to inherit....  “This is distinctive in that there is not anybody in the inner orbit who has deep understanding of the institution that Trump is going to have to run.”
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is always kind of screwy but today I'm doing it blindfolded in a Chinese restaurant kitchen where I've never been before. But hey, both sides do it, amirite?

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