Sunday, November 6, 2016

I look forward to your apology, @jasoninthehouse, please RT

"But hey kids, we did have fun, didn't we?" Jason Chaffez, photo by Kristin Murphy/Deseret News
Well, what do we have here, Mr. Director?
The FBI has determined that a new batch of emails apparently related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server “have not changed our conclusion” that she committed no criminal wrongdoing, FBI director James Comey told congressional leaders in a letter on Sunday.
As campaigning continued ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, a Clinton spokeswoman said the candidate was “glad this matter is resolved”. (Via Guardian)
Or as I put it over on the Twitter machine,
Human weasel Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah, shiftiest eyes in Congress) was quick to put out an acknowledgment that he and his friends in the FBI Rogue Agent division have been misleading the public for the past nine days, immediately before a presidential election, with their hints of massive Clintonian illegalities to be discovered on the Weiner laptop. Hahaha, I kid of course. He sent a weasel Tweet designed to cover his ass without acknowledging anything:

Par for the course.
"We'll always have Benghazi!"

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