Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rudy's streets

Photo by Dave Winer/Flickr via Alternet.
It looks as if we might be spared the spectacle of Rudolph Giuliani as secretary of state, now that the Trump's looking at South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, though what qualifications she could have for such a job (and that's with all respect: I think she's a dreadful person and disagree with her on virtually everything but she's certainly much the most capable person on the whole Trump cabinet list so far), given that she has no experience in foreign policy whatsoever. Not that she's any less qualified than Giuliani for that matter, or deeply disqualified like John Bolton, and she doesn't look as if she's in the middle of a psychotic break.

Perhaps Trump thinks she's a kind of natural expert in foreign policy because she's a foreigner. Just as Judge Curiel is a hereditary Mexican because his parents immigrated from Mexico, and therefore unqualified to hear his fraud case, so Haley is qualified to be secretary of state as a hereditary Indian, because her parents came from Punjab.

I couldn't get over the words Giuliani used on the TV on Sunday in regard to the spontaneous traffic-stopping street demonstrations brought on by our distress over the Trump election, suggesting that he still rules the city he stopped being mayor of 15 years ago, and doesn't just rule it but rules it absolutely, and isn't just its autocrat but its owner:
I have a zero tolerance for riots. I, you know, took over a city that had two riots in four years and I had none. And they knew they couldn’t riot on me. And when I saw the people on the street in New York City, I said to myself, you’re breaking Giuliani’s rules. You don’t take my streets. You can have my sidewalks, but you don’t take my streets, because ambulances have to get through there, fire trucks have to get through there.

Better get on that right away, Rudy.

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