Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Eve cheap shots

Alexandre Colin, The Three Witches from Macbeth, 1827, via Emory University.

One of the most repellent Trump trolls in my TL is this guy who calls himself "Elizabeth", who has recenly begun to take on a pose of weepy religiosity:

This was the one for me. I've been seeing references to anti-Semitism in the Trump campaign as it works its way toward Göpperdämmerung, most scarily as noted by Josh Marshall, but it's this one that spoke to me really directly as a postmodern Blood Libel, bringing together the ultrapowerful Jewish financier, the black magic, and the torture of children, as if to say directly that Hillary Clinton kills Christian babies to obtain blood as an ingredient for George Soros's matzoh. That's what I saw in this deeply wicked tweet.

And on the lighter side...

The stunning thing about that being in particular not that Trump doesn't realize the primary system didn't get started until 40 years after Lincoln's death, hardly anybody actually knows that, but the way he made up his factoid freely and happily out of such whole cloth, without any concern as to whether there might be some fact or other in his way.

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