Monday, November 19, 2018

Literary Corner: How Long Has This Been Going On?

Not sure how much future there is in these circumstructions, in which I try to use the simple convention of the line break to bring out the poetic meaning of the political utterance. I feel as if Donald J. Trump has started using it himself. But I did admire the bits of the Chris Wallace interview that sounded like something from a Broadway musical of 60 years ago. The repetition of the refrain in the first piece is kind of my own invention, but as usual I'm not making any words up.

Three Foxtrots
by Donald J. Trump

I. How Dark Is Your Mood? It's Very Light

[Tell me how dark
How dark is your mood
Tell me how dark
How dark is your mood]
It’s very light,
it’s fake news,
it’s disgusting fake news.
I read a front page story
in the Washington Post,
they never even called me,
nobody ever calls me.
You know, they hear –
I don’t even think they have sources
I think they just make it up like it’s fiction.
It’s very light,
it’s fake news,
it’s disgusting fake news.
And I will tell you
I’m extremely upbeat,
the White House is running
like a well-oiled machine,
it’s doing really well,
I have great people.
I will make some changes
but not very many.
I’m very happy with my cabinet,
other than, you know
a couple of exceptions
and even there
I’m not unhappy.
And I will tell you
that it’s so wrong,
the reporting about me is so wrong.
I’m loving what I’m doing,
I did well in France,
I did have a problem where I wasn’t
able to go to a cemetery
because the Secret Service
would not let me do it.
It’s very light,
it’s fake news,
it’s disgusting fake news.

II. On (Illegally Designated) Acting Attorney General Whitaker Prejudging the Mueller Investigation: He's Right

He’s right.
What do you do when a person’s right?
There is no collusion.
He happened to be right.
I mean, he said it.
So if he said there is collusion,
I’m supposed to be taking somebody
that says there is?
Because then I wouldn’t take him for two reasons,
but the number one reason is the fact
that he would have been wrong.
If he said that there’s no collusion,
he’s right.

III. How Long Has This Witch Hunt Been Going On? A Candidate With Nothing

From the day I announced,
I was looked at as
a candidate with nothing,
no proof, with phony people
like McCabe and Strzok and his lover --
you had Lisa Page, his lover.
These people were looking at me,
they wanted an insurance policy
just in case I won or Hillary lost,
and this was the insurance policy.
It’s a scam.
There was no collusion whatsoever,
and the whole thing is a scam.

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