Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cheap shots: Collins

Oh, she takes just like a woman,/ and she makes love just like a woman, yes she does,/ and she aches just like a woman,/ but she breaks promises to her constituents just like Senator Corker. Screengrab from CNBC.

Vixen's rundown
on which Senators took which bribes to vote yes on the #TaxScam includes this:
And let's talk about Sen Collins, who was hailed as a hero for stopping the repeal of the ACA. She was going to wait and see if she got certain provisions regarding health care coverage, and didn't. And criticizing her for voting yes on this turd is sexist! (Why was the coverage so focused on Collins? Because she made it seem like she had a reason to vote no and was reachable. Our bad, obviously--but criticism of a US Senator isn't sexist--it's about whether she's good on her word. Was she being seen as reachable because she's a woman--or because she said she was? Hm. Seems like it's on her.)
That's why she thought it was sexist! People thought she might keep her word just because she's a woman, as if a woman can't be just as cynical and dishonest as any man going if she puts her mind to it. It's the hard bigotry of high expectations!

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