Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Today in Trump whispering

Leila Aliyeva, editor-in-chief of the glossy Baku and daughter of Azerbaijan's president Ilham Aliyev, via world.koropciya.com (I thought it would be ghoulish to run a picture of poor Karimova).
Steve M thinks he knows why Grand Duchess Ivanka took a meeting with former vice president Gore yesterday; a matter of branding, in which she needs to distinguish herself from her father.

Much, I'd say, the way Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the late dictator of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, who may herself have been murdered by poison last month, nobody really knows, used to work to distance herself from her fusty, conservative father, with her lively tweeting and society-lady AIDS activism. Gugusha, as she liked to be called, was another handsomely leggy blonde and a "designer" of jewelry, a clothing line (making extensive use of the cotton picked under slavery-like conditions by Uzbek children), and fragrances (Victorious for men and Mysterious for women), and it was good for business for her to have a distinct, cooler identity, which ultimately got her in trouble as she lost successively her freedom of movement, Twitter account, father, and now possibly her life.

Ivanka, similarly, is finding her fashion interests threatened by the association with racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and  misogyny, which the young women who constitute her market find to be a bit of a turnoff, and looking for some brand independence. Hence the remarkable spectacle of her promising a Republican convention that a Trump presidency would bring pay equity for women and affordable daycare for all, with no evidence that Donald Trump knew about it in advance, forcing his team to scramble to come up with a plan worthless enough to placate the worried party base.

No, Ben, she's a businessperson. And a society lady in her own right. She doesn't want her fancy friends to think she's a vicious nincompoop like you. And with the Gore visit it could be the same thing, as Steve writes:
I'd say she's trying to ensure that she remains in the good graces of her customers -- both the merchants who carry her products and the ultimate purchasers, many of whom don't like her father. And she has some reasons to worry. A boycott of her products began last month:
The interesting question is why Gore stayed for an unscheduled meeting with the old unregenerate climate change denier who is the president-elect, which was "lengthy and very productive.... very interesting, and to be continued," Gore said afterwards. 

Steve says he's baffled, but Gore's description reminds me so strongly of something from earlier in the transition, namely Trump's first meeting with Obama, which was also longer than expected and to be continued (and has been continued, according to Kellyanne Conway, who was saying last week that they'd logged some 30 hours of conversation "on any number of issues" since the election). So I'm giving myself a chance to wonder if this could be some of that Trump Whispering aimed perhaps, athelping our beloved plane survive the ongoing political emergency. Here's hoping; as Gore told people after the meeting,
“We don’t have time to lick our wounds, to hope for a different election outcome,” he told the Guardian.... "more damage is baked into the climate system every day, so it’s a race against time.”  

Via innerbody.

Humerus note:

I'm sorry to say the Yastreblyanskyan right arm got broken on Sunday, in a spectacular full-face trip-and-fall in the entrance to the Chinese Community Center downtown. Humerus, up at the neck of the bone, and the prognosis is pretty good, no surgery required, but: I am a very two-fisted typist, and the current situation (I can now use the mouse in my usual practice with the right hand, which I couldn't before) is making blogging pretty difficult. Also I'm on drugs, and suffering from a strange burning-eye affliction a couple of times a day. I've got time, since I am taking a break from paid work and housework of all kinds, but blogging is very slow for now. Just so you know.

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