Friday, December 2, 2016

Annals of Derp: The Art of the Deal

Via ImageSource.

Uh, Eric, my man. Indiana is not gaining 1,100 jobs. It is not even gaining the 800 jobs that is the more accurate number. Indiana is losing 1,200 jobs, which is sort of a good thing but more of a better-than-terrible thing because they were expecting to lose 2,000. Trump has persuaded Carrier not to take it all. Indiana taxpayers are forking out $700,000 a year in order to cut their losses.

By your math, at $70,700 per job, Indiana is losing $84,840,000 a year instead of the $141,400,000 it feared to lose in economic activity and associated tax revenues. A bully is stealing their lunch, and under Trump's advice they're giving him a cash bribe to leave them two fifths of a sandwich.

(P.S., guess who owns corporate bonds from Carrier's parent company United Technologies? Donald J. Trump. Earned him $2501 to $5000 in interest in 2014. Not that he'd even know, it's a tiny dot in the vast fog of his holdings.)

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