Sunday, December 25, 2016


The Divine Mothers, via Wikipedia.
On the blog's first Christmas Eve, in 2011, I offered the following paragraph—
Yuletide is the period around the winter solstice when the Germanic peoples practiced their winter festival with animal sacrifices--blood for the gods and goddesses, sprinkled with twigs used as aspergilla around the idols and on the temple walls, and boiled meats for the humans--and copious amounts of ale, with its most sacred moment over the night from 24 to 25 December, on what the Catholic Encyclopedia refers to as "the extraordinary and obscene Modranicht", the feast of the Divine Mothers, a triple-goddess cult of Gaul and Germania.
—followed by a lengthy and eclectic program of YouTube music for a winter night, most of which no longer exisis at the URLs where I found it.

This month is pretty much the fifth anniversary of Rectfication, and coincidentally last night some time it had its millionth page view (as Blogger counts these things, which I think includes anybody who ever saw a thumbnail of a picture I used in an array of 30 on a Google Images search; a more realistic number, from Google Analytics, makes it somewhat less than half of that, but what the heck). Anyway congrats to me and good Yule to all!
Some music below the fold.

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