Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rant: Party like it's not 1984

Agent Oliver, aka Tirade, from Team Demonicus.
So "moderate" Republican journalist Josh Barro, now ex-Republican, driven by the awfulness of Trump into the arms of that adult-run party, is already participating in the traditional Democratic pastime of complaining how hopelessly wrongheaded the party is about whatever one's own pet issue may be—welcome aboard, Josh!—in a piece for his regular gig at Business Insider on how we need to stop griping about, and delegitimizing, the election:
This reaction is bad, for two reasons. One is that baseless challenges to the election result (including by obliquely lobbying the Electoral College to nullify the result) undermine the very electoral institutions that Democrats were correctly saying we need to honor before they knew they would lose the election.
The other problem is that the obsessive focus on what was so unfair about this year's election — the Electoral College, the FBI, Russia's interference, sexism, and more have all been mentioned — allows Democrats to avoid focusing on how their own errors to contributed to the loss.
Instead we need to concentrate on four years from now, nominating a nice old white dude and throwing poor people under the bus. I'm not going to fisk the post, which you might as well just read and argue with at your leisure, though I would like to point out the bothsiderist idiocy of his suggestion that all these activities are basically equivalent to Trump screaming without any empirical basis that "This election is rigged, people!" (We really need to not talk about reforming the Electoral College or preventing hostile governments from screwing around with our politics?)

There's just one broad point I made in a Twitter tirade I want to reproduce below:

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