Monday, December 12, 2016

Breaking. Or broke already.

Harold Lloyd in The Freshman (1925).
And away we go!
President-elect Donald Trump has canceled plans to hold a press conference this week to discuss how intends to handle his businesses when taking over the White House, Bloomberg News reported Monday. Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed to CNN that the "announcement" was being rescheduled for next month.
Unnamed Trump transition team officials told Bloomberg the press conference, originally scheduled for Thursday, was being nixed because Trump needed more time due to the attention he has had to give to filling his cabinet. They said that some sort of announcement would still be made before Inauguration Day January 20, according to Bloomberg.
So it won't be this week, it'll be well after the Electoral College vote, it won't be a press conference (he hasn't held one since the amazing event on July 27 when he invited Russian intelligence to search for Hillary Clinton's missing emails, remember that?) but "some sort of announcement", and I'll bet you any money the way he proposes to "turn over operational responsibility" over his businesses is a meaningless minuet, if they come up with anything at all, and he never gives an unscripted presser again.

And MSNBC is reporting as a done deal that Rex Tillerson of Exxon/Rosneft is to be nominated for secretary of state.

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