Wednesday, September 7, 2016

VDH is in flux, and all the old referents are at the bar

Russell Lee, 1938, Drinking at the Bar in Pilottown, Louisiana. 

The funny thing about this rhapsody from Victor Davis Hanson at National Review isn't that this doughty #NeverTrump is backing Trump—
No one knows how long Trump can stay on message. (He turns out to be an effective teleprompted speaker who, unlike Obama, can go off the script for brief moments without stuttering and seeming confused.) No one knows how long he can continue to take on taboo topics in different and often innovative ways....
some of the missing 15 percent of the Republican establishment will decide to swallow their pride and board the Trump train before it leaves the station. as they ponder the rare possibility in 2017 of a more conservative presidency, Supreme Court, and Congress. It may not be the sort of conservatism that they want, but it’s certainly better than what they were likely to get otherwise....
Trump has taken a vicious pounding from the press, in unprecedented fashion, and somehow not lost his cool in a way that everyone thought he would....
the entire Republican party is in flux, and all the old referents are beginning to matter far less.
—but that fact that he himself doesn't know it yet. It may take his mind another couple of weeks to catch up with his mouth.

More on the progressive Trumpening of the old-line conservatives from Steve.

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