Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cheap Shots: Stormy Monday

Clinton bows to Rectification advice!

Me, August 29:
I think she should hold out on the press conferences but start letting them on the plane, which Donald J. Trump will never do
ABC News, September 1:
Beginning on Monday -- with just 64 days left until the election -- the Democratic presidential nominee will replace her small, private jet with a significantly larger aircraft that she will not only share with her campaign staff, but with Secret Service staffers and reporters too.

And yesterday:

On the way to Quad Cities, Clinton made the tour to the back of the plane and took questions for about 20 minutes. Photo by Andrew Hamik/AP via Chicago Tribune.

Not wanting to fall behind (and determined to prove me wrong) but also not wanting to have to deal with anybody he couldn't control, Donald J. Trump invited a select "handful" (Macon Telegraph) of journalists on his plane too—about three of them, it looks like, plus photographer Evan Vucci for AP, via Chicago Tribune. He told them undocumented immigrants "may not need to return to their countries of origin to obtain legal status" after having said the opposite over and over again, most recently last Wednesday, when he "reaffirmed in his immigration speech last week that no undocumented immigrants could hope to obtain legal status under his administration without first leaving the US" (CNN). Should we be worried about his health? Unlike Clinton, who worked her way down the aisles like a flight attendant, in the traditional fashion, Trump seems to have needed to sit down. Fatigue symptoms, or possible signs of a brain tumor, diabetes, or tertiary syphilis? Why aren't people talking about this?

Not that stormy: Hurricane Hermine on the Upper West Side.

Trolling from the American Enterprise Institute:
Although it may seem strange to celebrate the value of labor by taking time off from work, these leisurely pursuits have long been regarded as fitting for a holiday meant to honor the “contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.
Ironic, huh? Whereas on Capital Day nobody even knows it's happening, because unlike those lazy parasite workers, money never takes a day off.

Lots more hilarious rightwing bewilderment on why there is a Labor Day at alicublog.

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