Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cheap shots and white Walkers

Whatever happened to Scott?
“Every candidate needs somebody that can checkmate them in private, like a Karl Rove and ‘W,’” one top donor said, referring to George W. Bush’s longtime political adviser. “Is there some concern about senior experience around [Scott Walker], actual presidential experience? Yes, no question.”
I wish when Bush got checkmated they'd done it in public. Seven-odd years of a dead president was a problem for some of us, and a strain on poor Cheney's heart.

Tell me some more, Uber, about how you take care of the underserved minority community.

Actually, of course, that was as I have been saying propaganda. The clientele is wealthy people with iPhones. Uber and its cousin gig economy firms are, as they were meant to be, machines for allowing rent seekers to collect rent with the lowest possible overhead and highest possible (surging) prices, as a part of which they have no responsibility toward their workers, who they define as "independent contractors". It's an old story. I'm very pleased with federal judge Edward Chen in San Francisco for permitting the lawsuit of California Uber drivers to proceed as a class-action suit:
“This decision is a major victory for Uber drivers,” says Shannon Liss-Riordan, the Boston lawyer who is representing the Uber drivers in the case.
“It will allow thousands of Uber drivers to participate in this case to challenge their misclassification as independent contractors, as well as to attempt to recover the tips that Uber advertised to customers are included in the fare, but are not in fact distributed to the drivers.”
Some of those cyical economic migrants who think they have the right to look for a better life just because their country got blown up. AFP/Getty photo via PeaceChild International.

Some English Tory politician, didn't catch his name, on BBC, explaining the difference between refugees and economic migrants:
If you're a refugee, you should be jolly pleased with staying in the first place you get to.
Right. Those who are fleeing war, rape, the murder of children, the destruction of homes and whole cities, should obviously be happy to spend the rest of their lives in a refugee camp on the Turkish border. Anybody who wants to go to England or Germany and have a job and a life is obviously a fake. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

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