Saturday, September 19, 2015

Enough Pope to hang themselves

"So Jonah Goldberg walks into a bar... Ouch!" Image via Advocate

Jonah Goldberg shows up to complain about the White House insulting Pope Francis:
a great editorial by The Washington Post. As Mona noted here earlier, the White House has no problem playing political games at the Pope’s expense. They’re inviting various activists — a gay episcopal bishop, abortion supporters, etc — to the White House event for the Pope. But…
Because National Review and its readers are so deeply respectful of the Holy Father themselves, don't you know. (Also all bishops are episcopal with a lowercase e, it's like saying "a royal king".) I had some fun in the comment section which I'll reproduce here (just in case I get banned again):

Yastreblyansky  an hour ago
The White House properly honors the Pope by assuming, correctly, that he is unafraid to be in the presence of people he disagrees with.

Freddie Fantastic  an hour ago
The problem is not the Pope being unwilling to meet with the poorest in spirit--he does that every day. The problem is that this entire exercise is being put on by the white house for propaganda purposes (photo ops)
I expect Francis is genuinely interested in meeting such people in the White House context. Surely the guest list is cleared with the Vatican.

MartinMcPhillips  an hour ago

What you "expect" is that you can read his mind. The Vatican might well have signed off on that guest list, but nothing is ever clear with this Pope, who operates in an equivocal fog. Though he did take a very strong stand for the "global warming" hoax, and has shown an invincible ignorance about the power of markets in lifting the world out of poverty, along with an additional invincible ignorance about government economic interventions maintaining poverty.

Yastreblyansky  MartinMcPhillips  33 minutes ago

Tell us how you really feel, huh?
No, of course I'm just making it up, but the story we're commenting on is so thinly sourced we might as well. WSJ would never have published it back in the day.

Freddie Fantastic  an hour ago

Do you read the news rather selectively? It has already been reported that the Vatican protested the invite list.

Yastreblyansky  Freddie Fantastic  39 minutes ago

No, a single anonymous source has claimed that the Vatican is irritated. As Guardian writes,
any concerns about the White House trying to play politics with the official welcome party within the Vatican may simply reflect the jitters of conservative elements within the church – and not Pope Francis’s personal views
Also there is no finalized list of the 14,000+ guests.
christian_conservative  an hour ago
I always thought that being a good host, meant making your guests feel comfortable and welcome, not the opposite.

Benedict might have been uncomfortable (and would have been treated more tenderly, lke President Xi); Francis won't in the least.

christian_conservative  an hour ago

The Vatican seems to disagree
Vatican Disputes White House Guest List for Papal Visit
Invitations to transgender activists, first openly gay U.S. Episcopal bishop and activist nun to White House event prompt pushback

Yastreblyansky  christian_conservative  an hour ago

Say one anonymous leaker and one ex-Vatican spokesman who left the priesthood after his girlfriend got pregnant, the ex-priest writing for Breitbart. Give me a break.
JBoz  40 minutes ago
Moscow trolls are indefatiguable 

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