Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why do they hate religious freedom?

Umayyad troops retreating from Narbonne in 753. Via Wikipedia.
New rightwing meme on the European refugee crisis: It's a replay of the 8th century! Paynim hordes conquering a continent!
If you think the map looks like part of an ISIS battle plan, you would be correct. This is exactly what ISIS promised earlier this year: to flood Europe with 500,000 African Muslims, sent by boat across the Mediterranean Sea. What is now unfolding is at a level far and beyond ISIS’s wildest dreams. Hijrah in action.
(Sorry? If it's beyond ISIS's dreams, how come it's exactly the same?) Sure, dead kids on the beach are cute, but it's just a distraction:
Meanwhile, despite media coverage that plasters images of women and children embarking on this centuries-old invasion, it is worthy to note that, per the United Nations, 72% of these “Mediterranean sea arrivals” are single men. (“Mediterranean sea arrivals” being innocuous terminology for Islamic conquest.)

Breitbart also reports: “They are young. They are fit. They clearly know what they want….Yes, there are families…Plenty with young children. But if you stand and take a rough count it is hard not to come to the conclusion that young men are in the overwhelming majority….”
And the women and children are pretty bad in their own right, because they're armed with a "totalitarian ideology" (not mentioned anywhere in the rant that this Saracen army isn't armed with weapons). Proof of their arrogance is found in their demands for free wifi (only a selfish asshole would think he has a right to make contact with friends and family left behind in the middle of a war zone, huh?) and special food.

The demands for special food are presumably just what you think they are. They aren't explicitly reported, but there's a case from Hungary in The Guardian this morning:
When we arrived three volunteers told us that an Afghan refugee came to them asking them to look at a sandwich he was given by the Hungarian police. He wanted to know if was not pork. They confirmed it tasted like pork. The sandwiches were returned to the police, who were informed that the refugees were Muslim and therefore prohibited from eating pork.
The next morning police again brought eight baskets of sandwiches, all containing pork salami. Again they were returned, and the police were asked not to bring pork. By the evening more sandwiches arrived also containing pork. When one of the volunteers complained a police officer said the refugees should just remove the pork and eat the bread. He said it felt as though the police were mocking them.
These are the same people who are so worried about poor Kentucky clerk Ms. Davis being forced to stand by as county employees under her supervision sign marriage certificates of which she disapproves, because of her RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. But people fleeing from Syria and Afghanistan and Somalia and Libya need to swallow that pig meat or starve, and show their gratitude. Showing that it was never about religious freedom at all, not that you supposed it was, but about the right of those with a little power to stomp on those with less.

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