Sunday, April 12, 2015

Virent ova!

"Virent ova! Viret perna!" (The eggs are green! The ham is green!)

Politico headline:
GOP not arguing science on Iran
Apparently they're conceding that everything in the agreement framework the White House says will stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon will, in fact, stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Instead, the Republicans (and Chuck Schumer) will argue, in essence, that they don't like it anyway:
although key Republican critics— including Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas— are citing the work of David Albright, a physicist and former inspector of Iraq’s nuclear program, his new technical analysis only argues that some of its provisions should be stronger.
“We’re not going to say ‘chuck the deal’ or anything,” Albright said. “We’d like to see the framework strengthened, but we have to accept that the framework exists.”...
Instead, Republicans are planning to make their case on other grounds. They’ll keep insisting that Iran should just end its nuclear program (and rolling clips where President Barack Obama has said the same thing in the past).... Caroline Rabbitt, a spokeswoman for Cotton, said the White House “is pushing the science-heavy argument for the Iran deal because they know they have nothing else.” For example, the administration talks about the science of enriching uranium, but “that’s because Iran is still going to be enriching uranium—a major concession by the United States that shouldn’t be happening,” she said.
It's a classic rhetorical strategy, the Argumentum ad Sam-I-Amum.

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