Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cheap Shot: First world problems

Jeff Gordinier, New York Times:
It is one of life’s nagging mysteries: Why is a sandwich you order at a restaurant so invariably and intensely better than a sandwich you make at home? 
I'd say it depends on what restaurants you go to. I hardly ever confront that problem.
Is there some immense secret realm of sandwich-master knowledge that mere mortals have no access to? Why do you find yourself in the kitchen, pressed for time, bereft of inspiration, staring slack-jawed into the refrigerator and succumbing to yet another bland slapped-together calorie blast of cold turkey and mealy tomatoes on supermarket white? With every bite, you taste only regret.
Then again, you might be an idiot.

Many grocery stores nowadays sell actual bread, and it will make a difference. This one, as it happens, is from a restaurant, Parsley in Denver. 

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