Monday, April 13, 2015

That was one long-ass arc!

Cheney and Rumsfeld next!
The [Blackwater] sentences were a long-fought diplomatic victory for the United States, which asked a skeptical Iraqi government and its people to be patient and trust the American criminal justice system. That faith was tested many times over the last eight years as the case suffered several setbacks, many of which were of the government’s own making.

In the end, the Justice Department said, the case showed the world that the United States judicial system worked, even in war zones, and even when the gunmen were Americans and the victims were Iraqis.
Image via Bend the Arc. Dr. King wasn't the only one to borrow from Theodore Parker; another famous guy liked his line about "of all the people, by all the people, for all the people".
Robert Charles Bates, the 73 year-old insurance-executive-turned-volunteer-cop who wascaught on video fatally shooting an unarmed black suspect wascharged with second degree manslaughter on Monday. The charges allege that Bates demonstrated “culpable negligence” when he shot and killed Eric Harris while Harris was fleeing police.

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