Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Photograph by Francesca Woodman, from Daily Poetics, February 2012.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day this, by Corey Robin, with its associated links.

For Jonathan Chait's silly but extremely lengthy effort at asking:
Can a white male liberal critique the country's current political-correctness craze (which, by the way, hurts liberals most)? We're sure you'll let us know.
the comment, with associated links, by Scott Lemieux. Really nice piece by the Vixen, too.

On the age-old question of why is Obama saying things the left likes to hear when we all know he's an evil Chicago-School economist who wants to enslave us all to Wall Street a wonderful piece of thoughtfulness, "Some Progressives are Confused by the Long Game", by Nancy Le Tourneau.

For Mozart's birthday (h/t Frank Lynch for the reminder), some Mozart:

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