Monday, January 5, 2015

Cheap shot: Cokie

Via Holly Daze.
But my earliest memory of the Capitol, I mean firm memory, was Opening Day. And I love Opening Day. I still love Opening Day. There are all these little kids on the floor in their Christmas velvets. (Cokie Roberts, in an interview for the Oral History of the House project, August 28 2007) 
She used virtually the same words on the radio this morning, eight years later. It is clear that representatives' children indeed show up for Opening Day and hang out in the Well, but I cannot find any other reference to congressional "Christmas velvets" on the Web. Nor does it seem like a description borne out by the physical evidence:

Not that they don't dress nicely, you know. Opening Day 2009, via Bag News.
It is time to start asking whether Roberts lives, not merely in a Village, but M. Night Shyamalan's Village, or perhaps an entirely alternative universe.

When you venture outside the Village things get scary. Spoiler alert!

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