Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Laura Ingraham's feet, via WikiFeet.
Laura Ingraham quoted at Americans Against the Tea Party:
The Republicans shouldn’t fall into the media trap of ‘We have to work with Obama! We have to work with Obama! Obama is going off on his own. He’s going to sign an executive order, he’s going to close Gitmo, he’s draining Gitmo down.
Republicans have been successful, and the economy has been improving with two things: gridlock and opposing Obama. The economy has been getting better!”
I left a comment at Susie Madrak's C&L report:
Wait folks, she may be right--it's all that dictatorial executive action with the quantitative easing. If GOP had been willing to do some of the work there would have been more austerity and we'd be worse off. From the audit of all government contracts he ordered the week he took office to the boost of consumer financial security last October Obama's been taking care of business while Congress holds Benghazi hearings.
Then there's the Affordable Care Act that has created more jobs in California alone in one year than the Keystone Pipeline would create in the whole country in its entire lifetime. Republicans would have stopped that if they'd been able to get off their asses.
Now there's immigration reform by executive action. I hope the Republicans continue to find themselves unable to show up so the country can get the maximum profit out of that too.

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