Sunday, September 7, 2014

Worth nothing

Christopher Cillizza, via GQ.
Chris Cillizza literally phoning it in:

You can tell by the extraneous h in the parenthesis in line 4, which must have been produced by an Autocorrect gremlin making fun of Chris's portentous style.

I'm wondering how much President Obama has really thought at all about the political consequences of delaying his immigration action until after the election—beyond simply believing whatever Mark Pryor tells him.

It's not only the demoralizing effect on the Latino community, which the Democrats have decided isn't worth worrying about in 2014, since only one of the key Senate races, Colorado's, is in a state with a crucial Hispanic population (they've apparently given up on the House of Representatives, even though Steve Israel and his friends are sending me ten emails a day insisting that they haven't and all they need to win is $3 from me).

It's the way it encourages the worst rightwing fantasies of what Obama might actually have in mind: "I'm definitely going to do it, but I'll wait until after the election." Really? He's afraid to do it until we vote? It must be as bad as Steve King says it is! Plot to implement sharia!

It's like the implementation of the Affordable Care Act being stretched out over four years (now five with the delay on the employer mandate), creating a huge space for people to pollute with lies about what it contained, which they continue to believe today. It's no coincidence Cillizza calls that "the big example of federal overreach", because that's what the Village thinks, being uninterested in its success in reducing the uninsured rate or cutting medical costs because that's just so wonky.

The plan as far as we know, to give temporary residence and work permission to as many as 5 million adults already living in the US who are parents of US citizens and Dreamers (while at the same time hastening the deportations of all those refugee children back to the gang-terrorized streets of Tegucigalpa to show how "tough" we are), is far more modest than the Senate bill the Chamber of Commerce and Evangelical community were supporting last spring, which would give a chance to all 11 million undocumented aliens.

If Obama had signed the order back in June, giving the press and the population a few months to deal with the reality of the plan instead of paranoid fantasies about it, including lots of video of sweet and overjoyed families, how much effect would that have had on Mark Pryor's campaign? How much effect did the original Dreamer order in June 2012 have on that year's elections? Other than to make Marco Rubio very uncomfortable and thirsty?

2012 Senate elections, via Wikipedia, dull colors retentions and bright colors gains. How many seats did Democrats lose because of Obama's tyrannical amnesty order? Really, Nebraska? (I don't mean to belittle the difficulties for Democrats of this year's Senate election; I just don't see how this move makes them any better.)
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