Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Note on centrism

VACCINATION against SMALL POX.  Mercenary & Merciless spreaders of Death & Destruction driven out of Society.
Cherub: The Preserver of the Human Race
Man in red: Aye, Aye. I always order them to be constantly out in the air, in order to spread the contagion.
Knife labels: The curse of human kind. (Royal Society)
Eula Biss (author of On Immunity: An Inoculation) on NPR:
There's a great blog, Science-Based Medicine — and one of the writers on that blog pointed out that when you split the difference between information and misinformation, you still end up with misinformation. So I think there are situations where a middle ground is not desirable. Though I'm the kind of thinker who's very drawn to compromises and to nuances...
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