Monday, September 22, 2014


Via SevenDaysVermont.
Had to share this—it seems that in 1987 the mayor of Burlington, VT, a guy from New York City named Bernard Sanders,  you may have heard of him more recently, recorded a folk-rock album, with the assistance of a local record producer named Todd R. Lockwood. It's a kind of hootenanny performance by a large number of Burlington musicians with Bernie, who neither sings nor plays, just being Bernie, declaiming words of great wisdom and beauty through the instrumental breaks.

Five songs ranging from "Oh, Freedom" to a socialist rarity from Pete Seeger's repertoire, "The Banks Are Made of Marble". Jon Pareles of the New York Times has posted a review at their First Draft site (from which I have appropriated any actual information presented here), and for those who just want to listen to this thing, and I swear you'll be very glad you did, it's at Lockwood's own SoundCloud site.

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