Sunday, September 21, 2014

Greeting the UN Climate Summit

I was stuck with some family business (happy stuff: a nephew getting married and a lively time was had by all including your correspondent here, who left the computer at home and found no time to blog by phone) and unable to march today with the 310,000 and more who showed up for the People's Climate March to Change Everything, where a large part of my heart was.

AP photo via Huffington Post.
I hope everything really does start to change from here, as this is the year US carbon emissions started speeding up again (rising 2.9%) after four years of reductions, and that mean atmospheric concentration of CO2 continues to soar beyond the sustainable level of 350 ppm to monthly means of 397 and higher.

And thanks to New York City and Mayor Bill de Blasio for welcoming the climate summit not only with zero arrests of marchers (compared to over 2000 in Copenhagen 2009) but also with a solid program for greening the city.

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