Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why does Obama want you to have low testosterone?

And other conspiracies.

From an "opinion piece" by "Bill Tatro" in Townhall on our anti-colonial president. What's interesting to paranoia aficionados is the "1 weird trick" ad, which turns out to come in special right-wing editions. Who knew? And who knew Obama was to blame for your rundown feeling and lack of sex drive? I guess you knew, Mr. RWNJ, didn't you?

Mr. Tatro is possibly the only right-wing writer I've seen openly opposed to the American Revolution:

I have been an unabashed opponent of the president ever since he first took office and returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the citizens of England.
Indeed, Barack Hussein’s hatred of royal colonialism due to his father’s experiences is widely known, and Barack’s hatred of Churchill is also a matter of public record.
You see it? It's a little confused, perhaps because of the debilitating effect on Mr. Tatro of the president holding all his testosterone in a remote location, but the main point is that "royal colonialism" applies not only specifically to Kenya (which became a crown colony in 1920) but also to all the 13 North American colonies that declared their independence in 1776, thus anticipating the Mau Mau Uprising by almost two centuries.

It is true that the president feels that the White House residential quarters do not need two nearly identical Jacob Epstein portrait busts of Sir Winston, though I have never understood that as proof positive that he hates Churchill. More importantly, he definitely believes that Queen Elizabeth II is not the legitimate sovereign of our North American republic. In this he reflects the views not only of his biological father, but of the Founding Fathers who created it.

Testosterone boosts are probably not going to help the author of these comments to a useful piece by Milt Shook on the NSA issues:

NoseyParkerUnit Legendary   It was on Cryptome one night. John Young took it down. I was there at a fortunate time and saw some it; Most I didn't open up. Nauseating. I'm sure plenty of Cryptome followers copies it. You journalists need to find it. I don't have it but its out there. We need a White Rose Society now. I'd give my head to let the American people know.
NoseyParkerUnit Legendary   I appreciate your kind comments. Help me find who's harassing me on my computer any time I mention it.

You realize we didn't actually make any kind comments? At least not yet? And whatever that "it" is, it doesn't seem to have been good for you. I'd tell you John Young snuck into your house to put a special chip in your computer that communicates with the Dark Forces, but you'd just believe me and that wouldn't be any fun.

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