Monday, October 14, 2013

ROFLMAO to you too, pal

Saturday there was a glitch in the EBT benefits system when the Xerox Corp., which backs the it up, was running a routine test and temporarily blew up the whole program in some 17 states. Some members of the program finding their benefits cards weren't working got kind of upset, believing, not all that unreasonably given the current tone in DC, that it could be a consequence of the federal government shutdown and a general Republican plan to starve them; and Black Twitter in particular blazed up briefly in paranoia, darkly predicting riot and doom. It was over by 10:00, but the stay-up-late citizens of Gateway Pundit were just getting started on all those imaginary rioters (they're still at it two days later!), and I stupidly stopped in and could not refrain from joining the conversation.

Just so it shouldn't be a total loss, here's an especially entertaining part of the exchange (very slightly edited to get rid of some repetition by me), featuring a cool narrative time-spasm in which the linearization of the content distorts the order of entry, so that the first "do your own research" shows up after the second one:
"There's a riot going on." Jack Brummet, June 2007.
Truck Monkey 

They just interviewed an EBT Queen on the local news. She was jumping into a BMW X5 complaining about how her card didn't work and this was the 5th place she's been.

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    Yastreblyansky  Truck Monkey 

    Show us a link to the story. Bet it's not true, they never are.

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      LouAnnWatson  Yastreblyansky 

      they never are? no, everyone of those recipients is always an honest upright citizen. wrong on all three counts...stop with your nonsense.

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      Lynn Graham  Yastreblyansky 

      do your own research.....typical lazy leftist

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        Yastreblyansky  Lynn Graham 

        Don't know what "typical lazy leftist" is but I always provide links when asked.
        Here's a useful discussion of Reagan's original Welfare Queen story--clear that RR pretty much made the story up:
        Here are numerous links to numerous examples of exaggerated Welfare Queen stories. Always used to be a Cadillac, of course, the BMW is pretty new.
        Here's a case of journalistic fraud where a blogger created a Welfare Queen story around a woman who had hardwood floors in her Section 8 apartment and a wide-screen TV. The photograph was real (the woman has to apologize for nice floors??) but the story making her look like a welfare cheat was fabricated "satire".
        But I should find this EBT BMW story on some local TV station where I don't even know what state it is in about an event I don't believe happened? You might as well ask me to prove that the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.

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          charles slade  Yastreblyansky 

          Quit providing links, get your face out of an LCD screen and got out and see for yourself with your own eyes....seeing is believing.

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            Yastreblyansky  charles slade 

            I live and work full time in New York City. I probably see more EBT and unemployment and WIC beneficiaries on a given day than you have in your whole life. As it happens I have never known a black person that wasn't a student or working or retired; all the people I've known on welfare or unemployment or food stamps have been white (including myself for a few months in 1974), or Asian, or Latino. I don't generalize from that and say "no black people ever receive unemployment, seeing is believing" BECAUSE I READ. You should read too.

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              Jerry C  Yastreblyansky 

              You live in New York City. Why do you think I assumed you lived in a liberal city on the east coast without a shred of evidence?! ROFLMAO...again! Keep 'em coming.

Hey, Jerry, have some pity on a guy. You think it's easy living without a shred of evidence?
Via Teenormous.

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