Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You know truth has a liberal bias? So they had to correct for it, right?

Apparently the famous fact checker thing Politifact has nominated a Lie of the Year and has selected the story spread by Democrats that Paul Ryan's plan to "reform" federal entitlements will End Medicare as we Know It, which is like totally untrue because all Representative Ryan wants to do is completely change it from top to bottom. It's not like we won't have Medicare to kick around any more, it's just that it won't do the same stuff, which is all Republicans are asking for, for Pete's sake.

Also, I'm going to start making my Mom's apple pie recipe, except I'm going to use a store-bought crust and fill it with spaghetti instead of apples. If you go around telling people it's not Mom's apple pie I'll sic Politifact on you.


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