Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scots, wha hae wi' Reagan bled: Last update!

Exult, the Musulman pride is buried at sea, the glory ours and Heaven's! Vanquished, after our weapons, by the hurricane!
[Esultate! L'orgoglio musulmano sepolto è in mar; nostra e del ciel è gloria! Dopo l'armi lo vinse l'uragano.]

Or not exactly, I guess. But at least Braveheart Boehner has caved. I was crazy to doubt it would happen (recall, I confidently predicted it before that). And while we may bow to wiser heads than ours with the feeling that the payroll tax holiday was always a bum, or as some have expressed it, a Republican, idea (looking like a deeply sneaky way of making it possible to defund Social Security by making everybody forget how we pay for it)--well, that's another battle. This one was really about the fix for Medicare payments and the fix for unemployment checks. And, of course, about making John Boehner cry.

And just because we've all been good...
 [Even lovelier if the YouTubist had spelled "notte" correctly.]

Update 12/23:

 Steve Benen takes on the role of designated driver--a victory, yes, but someone has to stay sober on the way home from the parade.

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