Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day Miscellany


I can't really get over the fact that Trump really did this. What kind of person is that?

Yeah, exactly. That kind of person. 

Another moment where I have to question how this stuff works. When they say somebody is a convicted liar, he was generally lying on behalf of Trump! The thing that he lied about was some disgusting and often criminal thing that we know Trump did. Cohen worked to launder payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and Cohen lied about that to Congress. Cohen decided to tell the truth to federal investigators and pleaded guilty to the crimes, fingering Individual no. 1 as the unindicted co-conspirator.  How is it not obvious that Trump is guilty of the exact same crime?

Really wish I'd come up with this:

Have some confidence in Biden

And don't be afraid of James Woods

Labor Day bonus: read this thread or the linked essay demonstrating that today's Democrats are the most pro-labor party in history, contrary to some cosplay-socialist claims that organized labor has been thrown under the bus since the glory days of the New Deal—false, Biden's party is the best it's ever been.

Plus Jared Bernstein:

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