Sunday, October 6, 2019

What Got You Trump

Continuation from yesterday
Photo via Garrett Bridger Gilmore, "David Brooks's Imaginary Friends", at The Outline.

Why NeverTrumpers Keep Trumping

An imagined conversation with Capitol Hill Opinionist.
Upper West Side Blogger: I hope you read the transcript of that Trump phone call with the Ukrainian president and the whistleblower complaint and the WhatsApp messages among the various flunkies. Trump clearly used his power to withhold defensive weapons from a foreign ally to ask the ally to forge documents incriminating his political opponent. This is impeachable. Not to mention trying to give some kind of official status to Rudy Giuliani's tinfoil hat theories about how Russia didn't interfere with the 2016 elections and Paul Manafort was wrongly convicted and everything in Volume I of the Mueller Report was apparently some kind of hallucination. I don’t see how you can deny the facts in front of your face.
Capitol Hill Opinionist: I read enough about it to look like I knew what I was talking about on PBS. There’s always some fight between Trump and the East Coast media, so as long as I'm in the East Coast media you can't say I'm not doing my part, can you? I guess I just try to stay focused on the big picture.
The big picture is this: Voters knew damn well this guy was a snake before they let him in, as the poem has it. But he was the only one who saw us, or them, as the case may be. He was the only one who saw that the America we love is being transformed in front of our eyes. Good jobs for hard-working people were gone. Our communities in tatters.
UWSB: Trump saw your communities in tatters?
CHO: Well, he kept saying they were a disaster. That has to be gratifying to people whose lives are being destroyed by liberalism.  Did Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz say that? Did Hillary Clinton? I think not. Tatters!
USWB: And what did he do about it?
CHO: Nothing, obviously. He's a terrible president. But is that really the point?
USWB: And a criminal too?
CHO: Oh, you're all upset over a phone call! Why, I can think of 25 things he's done that are worse than that!
USWB: Then what is the point?
CHO: The point is that we still haven't learned anything from sending reporters out on wild safaris into the hinterlands to interview Trump voters and reading Hillbilly Elegies.
USWB: The voters that put Trump over weren't hillbillies from the hinterlands, they were middle-class nihilists from the Pittsburgh and Milwaukee suburbs.
CHO: There you go again, minimizing their pain! This is what got you Trump!

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